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6 Pieces Dream Chicken Essential chunks

$3600/6 units (VIP)

$3000/6 units (non-VIP)

Organic farming for eight months
constant temperature cooking for Eight hours
No seasoning
No Preservative
No water
Showing the bone marrow and minced meat of the chicken itself
Present the most basic healthy flavor to you
Please smell it before tasting.

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Shiitake Mushroom Chicken Soup

$600/2 units (VIP)

$720/2 units (non-VIP)

Taiwan planting of wood mushrooms
No artificial seasonings No preservatives
Rose salt
Segment wood mushroom primona chicken
Careful cooking, smooth soup head full of nutrition

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Fresh Dream Chicken Meat



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Dream chicken icy wined chicken ( with bone/ boneless )



Seasoned with rose salt, water, rice wine Chewy, Crispy, Fresh and sweet.
Marinate the whole chicken in the specially selected rice wine, accompanied by the refreshing aroma of rice wine,
so that the taste of chicken can be more prominent.

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