Shiitake Mushroom Chicken Soup

Simple, reflecting the original value

No need for excessive embellishment; three kinds of ingredients, which are shiitake mushrooms, rose salt, dream chicken, can be impressive. Us the cleanest ingredients to make healthy and delicious coexist.

Time, saved equal increase

People can be more free on time if we get rid of the time and effort on boiling chicken soup. A bowl of chicken soup with simply heating can unload the tiredness of the day.

Healthy, share together

Such a cheerful thing to enjoy one package alone. Two people with one package will be just right. A serving, which is about 480g, is suitable for a core family. Simply heating you can enjoy delicious chicken soup together.

Health starts from making choices

A box was not only has two pieces of Shiitake Mushroom chicken soup but also packed with simple and pure nutrition. Open the lid and unpack to start enjoying the way you choose to be healthy.

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