Philosophy of Primona

Do you believe in self's body?
Are you sure it will be functioning well when needed?
Are you sure it can follow you through the storm during the life and stick with you when you fulfilled your dream?

Although the body belongs to one's self, people might still have a sense of uncertainty when thinking about it.
The question is - why?

The sense of uncertainty is coming from the difficultly
of distinguishing if the foods that people have
taken were within any disadvantage or damage to the body.

We don't believe those food either. That's why every detail is check to the point; even a small thing will be highly concerned.
We have to take care of everything.
Everything related to chickens, such as fertilizer, chicken coop, breeding, processing, preparation, packaging,
and sales required for feed, is all under charge and done by ourselves; every step during the process matters.

What we product is not only raw ingredients
but an element that could affect human's body health.

Such a persistence on detailed has continue for 25 years.
When people all believe that pesticides are harmless to the body, we have "doubts about the necessity."
We insist that delicious organic vegetables can be grow without using pesticides.

When people believe that raising chickens must be made of antibiotics, we have "doubts about the necessity."
We insist that chickens can grow strong by moving more and eating healthy.

We have raised the number one dream chicken in Taiwan, which is attribute the success to our persistence of "doubts about necessity."
The chicken's unforgettable task, thin skinned with tenderly chewy,
has win over those people who born with a silver spoon, gourmets, and nutrition experts to become our loyal customers.

From the top to the bottom which include the service staff in the brick-and-mortar store in our team
has implement the character of "Doubts about the Necessity"

“Doubts about the Necessity”

We have doubted about the necessity of sell to promote the products.
Therefore, we exclude hard sell and stand our ground-on test drink in the brick-and-mortar store.
Without the plausible sales pitch, it gave customers an inner peace to enjoy the savors of the mellow and aroma from Chicken Essence.

In addition, there are more “Doubts about the Necessity” that we adherent.
We repute that the high-value quality and service are what matter but not the number of customers.
Membership can help us to provide each customer with an exclusive top-rated service.

When walk the customer out, it is not only to the door.
We will walk the customer out and accompanied by look after them until they had disappeared.
Every astonished achieve in the world is all created by the sense of “doubting about the necessity.”

That is like we “doubting about the necessity” that agriculture in Taiwan is a declining industry that is usher in droops and fades.

Do not go with the flow is the key to produce reliable and credible ingredients.

Despite what we declare is all from the heart, do not believe it so easily yet.

You are cordially invited to experience our product.

Primona Dream Chicken provides service of tasting the dripping chicken essence. It led the offer for the new customers to experience the extraordinary process of savouring the chicken essence.

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