6 Pieces Dream Chicken Essential chunks

Pure, call back the original taste

It is extracted from the dream chicken which feeding by organic matter with no additive, no antiseptic substance, and no water. The original moist color that show on every pieces of essential chunk has stand out for our persistence on not using any antiseptic substance. Drink it warm to enjoy every taste of essential warming up your heart.

Time is our primary recipe

The 8 months of rising the chicken organically and the 8 hours of detailed care on duration and degree of heating has finally extracted the Dream Chicken Essential chunks.

The works of 8 months and 8 hours has come out with a proof for lifetime health.

Pure, stand for the nature

To present the most primitive and pure essential for health, we contented the marrow and minced meat that dripped in during production.

Considerate, in unconscious


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