Dream chicken icy wined chicken ( with bone/ boneless )

Rice wine, rose salt, dream chicken

Yes, cooking is a hard work; it need a big enough pot with full of boiled water.
Everything needs to be prepared while it’s hot, refrigerate, and let stand overnight to taste

Available in cold

Time should be save for self.
Every pack of the wined chicken has only provide stander cuts, the size for one bite.
Things you need are per of chopsticks and a good mood for taste.

Convinced to storage

All half part of the wined chicken is vacuum packaging independently; therefore, every single bit of taste won’t be affect by the environment of storage.
It is recommended to storage no more than 3 day in the refrigeration and 1 month for freezing.

Gift Package

We use wood box which is special for the high quality delicatessen. A transparent cover with the remind for taste. A chicken separated in two, which sublimated a exclusion meal to become accompany.

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